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Being lovers of crafty treasures and self confessed DIY junkies, my partner in crime Dan and I started designing + making our own doormats when we couldn't find anything but a boring, fuddy duddy "Welcome" doormat for our home. And we're not boring "Welcome" kinda people. We're more of the "Whatup buttercup, hello beautiful, yay it's you!" kinda peeps. So we needed a doormat that suited. Obviously!
During a two year battle with Chronic Fatigue, we knew we needed to create a job for myself where I could make my own hours + be my own boss to keep my health on track. I had already made a few doormats for friends and family as pressies, + we started to realise that there are way more un "Welcome" people out there in need of doormats that display their awesomeness too. A lightbulb lit up above our heads + BOOM dontbeadoormat was born!  We're so glad you're here to share our story + dontbeadoormats with!

Now get dontbeadoormatting! xx